Cataract Surgery Bundaberg

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A cataract is the change to the density and clarity of your crystalline lens. The crystalline lens sits behind the iris and directly behind your pupil. Over time clouding of the crystalline lens reduces the amount of light passing through the eye consequently reducing your vision. The most noticeable symptom is cloudy vision and a greater sensitivity to glare.

Dr. Jai has performed over 8000 cataract surgeries on local residents alone.

His PhD was completed in the area of cataract and cataract surgery & furthermore he has lectured on cataract surgery at numerous Australian and International meetings.

Cataract surgery is a day procedure normally carried out under local aneasthetic. During the procedure your cataract, and therefore crystalline lens, is removed and a new clear intra-ocular lens is inserted into the eye.

At Dr Jai Eye Centre we offer; multifocal, monofocal, bilateral staggard myopia and toric implants which allow us to optimise vision after cataract surgery. All of our patients are monitored closely following surgery by Dr. Jai and his staff.

Cataract, Dr Jai Eye Centre

Further facts about Cataracts. Its symptoms, treatments and causes, from The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO)