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Good control of diabetes is imperative to avoid diabetic eye disease, otherwise known as diabetic retinopathy. Many people understand or feel the affect of diabetes on their body or energy but often ocular changes can be occurring without any notice.

The biggest cause of vision loss relating to diabetes is macula edema (swelling). The macula is the area at the back of the eye we focus our vision at. It is the part of the eye that allows us to see fine detail. When the macula swells the vision reduces quickly.

Treatment of diabetic macula edema usually involves intra-vitreal antiVEGF injections initially on a monthly basis with the possibility of increasing the time interval as the macula edema is controlled.

Diabetes can also cause heamorhages in the retina (back of the eye). Initially these heamorrhages can be small and may only require close monitoring and improved diabetic control. However, longer term larger heamorrhages and areas of capillary drop out cause significant visual loss. Pan-Retinal photocoagulation (Laser) can be carried out in our office to help seal leaking blood vessels.

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Further facts about Diabetic Retinopathy. Its symptoms, treatments and causes, from The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO)