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Glaucoma is an ocular condition that can be a silent cause of vision loss. It results from damage to the optic nerve typically from raised intra-ocular pressure, which is pressure in the eye. Often symptoms aren’t noticed until late stages of the condition which is why regular optometric and ophthalmologic appointments are necessary.

As damage to the optic nerve occurs slowly your side vision is lost which is irreversible. Although there is no cure for glaucoma, numerous options in treatment allow glaucoma to be controlled and therefore aim to prevent any further vision loss from the ocular condition.

At Dr Jai Eye Centre we use detailed OCT analysis, visual field perimetry, retinal photography and intra-ocular pressure monitoring to enable us to detect glaucoma in its earliest stages often before vision loss even occurs.

Treatment for glaucoma can include;

Studies have demonstrated that patients are at higher risk of glaucoma if a family member already has the condition.

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