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Macular Degneration is a condition affecting the macula which is the area of eye that processes 95% of our vision. The macula is at the back of our eye and we use our macula to see fine detail. There are 2 forms of macula degeneration; dry and wet. 

Dry macula degeneration is diagnosed when small particles known as drusen are deposited by our photoreceptors at our macula. This type of macula degeneration is often slow in progression. Unfortunately no surgical procedure or medication is available to reverse this condition. However, a diet rich in leafy vegetables and controlling lifestyle factors such as smoking can limit the progression of the disease. 

Wet macula degeneration occurs when blood vessels underneath the macula begin to leak fluid into the macula space. This can cause the vision to reduce quickly or you may notice distortion in your vision. This form of macula degneration is confirmed using optical coherence tomography and fluorosceien angiography.  These tests allow Dr. Jai to assess the macula health functionally and structurally to ensure the best treatment plan is made for the patient.

Wet macula degeneration can be controlled by intra-vitreal anti-VEGF injections.

75% of patients have their vision improved or stabilised from using these injections. 

These are a series of injections initially 1 month apart to reduce the fluid at the macula. Over-time often the interval between injections can be extended. 

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Further facts about Macular Degeneration. Its symptoms, treatments and causes, from The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO)