Pterygium Surgery Bundaberg

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A pterygium is a fibrous growth that extends from the conjunctiva and can grow across the cornea. It often occurs after extensive UV exposure. Despite a pterygium being non-malignant it can still greatly affect your vision. If the pterygium begins to grow it can damage the corneal surface and consequently affect your vision. If the pterygium is not affecting the corneal health often it can be safely monitored by your ophthalmologist.

Pterygium surgery is a day procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. Dr. Jai removes the pterygium and uses a conjunctival graft to reduce the rate of regrowth.

Since using this technique of surgery, the rate of regrowth has been reduced to 5%.

Post-operatively patients are given drops to reduce inflammation and swelling. They are closely reviewed post operatively by the team at Dr Jai Eye Centre. 

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Further facts about Pterygium Surgery. Its symptoms, treatments and causes, from The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO)