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Dr. Matt Russell provides world-class skill and care for our patients requiring vitreo-retinal surgery.

An epiretinal membrane is like a fine piece of tissue paper growing across the macula occasionally causing distortion to the normal macula architecture and consequently the vision. This is a common finding in ophthalmology and for many patients the epiretinal membrane can be simply monitored. However, if the vision is affected by the membrane and the macula is significant distorted the epiretinal membrane can be removed. This is typically a day procedure in hospital.

Vitrectomy is a surgical procedure where the vitreous (jelly which fills the back of the eye) is removed. This can be required for removal of visually debilitating floaters, or for access to the posterior eye for treatment of retinal conditions.

Macula hole is a condition when the macula architecture is distorted creating a hole at the macula. This can cause vision to be blurred or parts of your vision to be missing. Macula holes can be repaired via vitrectomy. Often patients require specific head positioning in the short period of time after surgery to allow the macula to heal.

Retinal detachment is an ocular emergency. This is when the retina (layer of the back of the eye) is coming off the back of the eye which causes instant vision loss. Symptoms include flashing lights, new floaters or spots in your vision, a shadow in vision, or curtain or veil in your vision. Urgent assessment is required and once confirmed surgery is carried out as soon as possible.

Retinal tear is another ocular emergency. This can have the same symptoms as retinal detachment. Fortunately if the tear is small, retinal laser can be carried out in our office by Dr. Jai to avoid any fluid creeping under the tear and leading to retinal detachment.

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